Our Vision

To nurture a generation that would make a difference, & ensure that the world is a better place for generations to come..

Our Mission

1. Through the ’World Storytelling Championship’, we lay the platform for the world to come together and connect through stories & culture regardless of
a. Race
b. Language
c. Religion or Country
d. thereby promoting universal brotherhood.

2. Through the eLearning platform, we provide innovative, structured, comprehensive & enthusiastic learning strategies to reach every child even in the rural parts of the world.

3. The ‘Blu Hornbill Club’ is an extracurricular pursuit, whereby we introduce a practical & judicious combination of:

◆ Student Cohesiveness
◆ Knowledge Building Skills (reading, writing & storytelling)
◆ Social Obligation
◆ Environmental Concerns
◆ Disaster Management Skills

4. Through the Pastoral Care Programme, we nurture life from the very beginning to make that difference.

ACEnovation Hub Pte Ltd is headquartered in Singapore.
ACEnovation India Pvt Ltd and the Blu Hornbill Club Pvt Ltd were established in Chennai.
The Global Operation is coordinated via India.

ACEnovation India Pvt Ltd.
S Block, No 73, 18th Street, Anna Nagar, Chennai - 600040

+91 8939951230


ACEnovation Hub Pte Ltd.
Vision Exchange, 2 Venture Drive, Level 24-01 Singapore - 608526

+65 9115 5615