WSTC 2022: World Storytelling Championship

The secret of success in life is to be hungry & ready to seize the opportunity when it surfaces. Here comes the opportunity knocking on the doors for those ‘hungry souls!’

The ‘World Storytelling Championship’ was an idea sparked by Major Nagarajan Narayanan in Singapore. The championship was designed to give a platform for people of all ages & from all works of life; from all parts of the world to tell stories. Thus, creating a borderless world. The 6 world champions would be the storytelling ambassadors of the world.

The first-ever ‘World Storytelling Championship’s Grand Finale was held on Monday, 27th December 2021. 36,400 participants from 131 countries participated. There were 400 professional storytellers from across 6 continents, who judged the event. The 6 champions were from India, South Korea, Nigeria, Iran & Taiwan. With this success, ACEnovation is marching on with the 2nd ‘World Storytelling Championship 2022.’ The grand finale will be held in Chennai, India.

WSTC 2022: World Storytelling Championship WSTC Objectives

Bring Storytelling to the forefront among nations.
To promote the art of storytelling among children, adults & society.
To develop the passion & the love for storytelling to which the rich cultural
heritage of the world is passed on from generation to generation To let the world, know that Storytelling is a serious profession to
bring about the much-needed change in the world today through stories.
To heal the world through stories.
To bring about universal brotherhood & Friendship.

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